Talk – Action = Shit.

IDEO’s Tom Hulme

Kanye vs Creative Director

No one ever said it was easy to be a genius, but do some of these ‘geniuses’ hear the shit that comes out of their mouths?

If you stare long enough at anything, you will start to find similarities. The word ‘coincidence’ exists in order to stop people from seeing meaning where none exists.


Request Week 8 - norlythoSpring Breakers, 2012Cinematography: Benoit Debie


Request Week 8norlytho
Spring Breakers, 2012
Cinematography: Benoit Debie



I wish I had more space on my computer. I just transferred everything over to my student folder on galba and in order to open up my project, I have to find the new path for each file in the project.




"did you catch that?"


"did you catch that?"


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Robb Fladry’s work deals with ways popular culture works to unify otherwise disparate communities, creating common ground that can transcend geography, age, and cultural background. Through manipulation of digital photography, the internet, and video, Fladry mixes and recontextualizes pop cultural images to create something new from the familiar, everyday images that saturate daily life.

Sarah Lynn Higgens

He mentioned their new MFA in Video/Film/New Media and he asked if I had any good students who might be interested, and I said, “Why yes, I know this one cocksucker named Robb Fladry who is a very good artist with incredible potential.” And he said,” I like cocksuckers. Have him give me a call or send me an e-mail.”

Barry R Jones (in an email from 8 years ago)